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Introducing Aeonia


Restorative Skincare from the Stars

Aeonia Age Defying Serum looks to the stars to provide a lasting, renewing answer to skin restoration. Utilizing technology researched by astronauts, its power to repair and renew comes Bacillus Lysate, the first biological cosmetic to be recognized as Space Certified Technology™ by the Space Foundation™. It has been proven to significantly reduce UVA-induced ROS levels, activate DNA repair enzymes, and stimulate hyaluronic acid production.

The science behind Aeonia Age Defying Serum can make it a valuable tool in the lifelong battle against the impacts of aging—and with the right tools, your skin can withstand anything.

So, look to the stars to help preserve the treasures nature has given you: your skin, your body, your life.

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About Delavie Sciences

Delavie Sciences harnesses the power of nature to develop skincare that transcends any offering in the current market, giving customers truly one-of-a-kind skincare products. Working with top scientists, research institutions, and world-class universities, we are able to change the lives of our customers and the future of their skin. Of life, for life.

Delavie co-founder, David Sinclair, is a distinguished geneticist with an expertise in longevity. David has worked closely with Delavie to produce a cutting-edge and efficacious age defying skincare line.

Utilizing Bacillus Lysate, patented and proprietary Space Certified Technology™, Delavie Sciences went to the final frontier (and back!) to find a solution to combat the visible signs of aging experienced by all skin types.

Wondering How We Managed to Align the Stars and Science?

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