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Are you ready to stop aging in its tracks? Are you looking for skin care products that have the power to defy the daily impacts of aging and other environmental damage? Delavie Sciences makes it possible by creating innovative solutions that can change the life of your skin.

We provide you with the tools to win the lifelong battle against aging—and with the right tools, your skin can withstand anything.


Of Life, For Life

Who We Are

             ....."of life"

Delavie Sciences harnesses the power of nature to create innovative products and ingredients for consumer care, cosmetic, commercial and industrial applications. By working with top scientists, research institutions, and world-class universities we are able to bring cutting edge products to market.

Focused exclusively on biology, we have curated organisms from extreme environments with the intention of revolutionizing the consumer health-based market. Our Worcester, MA based research and development facility allows Delavie staff to engage in a full spectrum of microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and bioinformatic research. You can expect to see a host of innovative ingredients and products from Delavie Sciences.         

Facial Oil

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