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Our Story

A New Age of Skincare

We founded Delavie Sciences based on our desire to improve people’s self-confidence, with an emphasis on the first thing the world sees about you: your skin. Our goal was nothing less than to disrupt the market and usher in a new age of skincare. Through years of research and working with industry leaders, we’ve developed truly cutting-edge products, featuring scientifically proven patented ingredients.

Our Mission

Aside from preserving and renewing skin, our mission is to bring innovative and functional ingredients to the personal care industry. Any product we develop starts with customers’ needs in mind. Delavie Sciences exists to improve our customers’ lives and confidence. To do your best, you must feel your best, and it all starts with your skin. Delavie Sciences has the background and potential to expand into almost every area of consumer care products, including everything from hair care to household cleaners. We plan to partner with companies that can help us leverage our current and future novel ingredients to bring the highest-quality personal care products to the market. Producing superior, science-backed, and safe products is our priority. Delavie Sciences is science-driven and result-focused. Of life, for life.

Woman applying Aeonia

“I’ve always liked to push boundaries and break them. I enjoy disrupting static industry sectors. Our first ingredient at Delavie came from experiments that took place on the International Space Station. Now, we have a plethora of novel ingredients from unique places.”

Kyle Landry, PhD, Delavie Sciences President

“Longevity and skincare go hand in hand—you can’t think of one without the other. Though skincare cannot extend the longevity of one’s life, it can improve one’s life by increasing confidence, and, thus, the power to face each day head on, with positivity.”

Dr. David Sinclair, Delavie Sciences Co-Founder
Kyle Landry, PhD

Kyle Landry, PhD

Delavie Sciences President

Dr. Landry was recruited by Dr. Sinclair to do postdoctoral research—focused on extremophiles, organisms that prevent and reverse aging—at Harvard Medical School. Together, they initiated a partnership with government space agencies to address concerns associated with long-duration space travel. They were able to obtain access to novel extremophiles, one of which was developed into Bacillus Lysate. Delavie Sciences was then created with the goal of tackling common skin concerns, particularly aging.



Delavie Sciences Co-Founder

Dr. Sinclair is a Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard Medical School. Best known for his work on understanding why we age and how to slow its effects, Dr. Sinclair is also the co-founder of and an Editorial Board member for the journal Aging. A best-selling author and host of the “Lifespan” podcast, his work has been featured in five books, two documentary movies, 60 Minutes, Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole,” and other media.



Scientific Advisor

Serena Poon is a certified nutritionist, celebrity chef, and a wellness and longevity advisor to A-list clientele, from the likes of Jerry Bruckheimer to Kerry Washington. Her lifestyle brand, blog and TV show, Serena Loves was launched in 2019 to encompass all the pillars of optimal health, well-being, and longevity. This is achieved through her method of Culinary Alchemy®, a combination of education, integrative and functional nutrition, and healing energy. She is also the founder of Just Add Water®, a wellness line of super nutrient foods and supplements. Serena and her work have been featured in Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TODAY, and The New York Times.