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Skincare Science

Skincare from The Stars

Aeonia’s core ingredient, Bacillus Lysate, was developed based on research projects undertaken aboard the International Space Station. Delavie Sciences’ patented microorganism spent 18 months outside the International Space Station, exposed to the extreme conditions of space. Once brought back down to earth, Delavie scientists found that the organism had developed enhanced age defying and UV protection properties. That organism became the basis for Bacillus Lysate, a revolutionary cosmetic ingredient that can only be found in Delavie skincare products.

Satellite in space

View of the Columbus laboratory from the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Credit: NASA

Bacillus Lysate Clinical Trial and Research Results

Research and trial results for Bacillus Lysate have demonstrated a range of clinical and anecdotal trial subject benefits, from improvements in the skin’s moisture and pigmentation, to reducing free radicals and stimulating Sirt1 activity (Sirt1 is the gene that regulates aging).

Ongoing Skincare Innovation

Our basic elements—earth, water, space—have withstood the test of time to preserve life. At Delavie Sciences, we will continue to develop exceptional, health-based solutions that combine natural approaches, science, and technology for skincare products that reverse the impact of aging and the other environmental damage from free radicals, UV rays, and the sun that we suffer on a daily basis.


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