Bacillus Lysate: The Future of Sun Protection

Bacillus Lysate: The Future of Sun Protection

Delavie Sciences


What if you could supercharge your sunscreen’s skin protection? Bacillus Lysate, certified by the Space Foundation™ and available exclusively from Delavie Sciences, is a highly versatile ingredient that protects skin from the sun’s damaging rays by improving the efficiency of commonly used sunscreens and conventional ingredients.


The Need for Stellar Care

It only takes a few moments for the sun’s rays to begin impacting exposed skin, and overexposure results in skin damage. More specifically, Ultraviolet B (UVB) bands can cause sunburns, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultraviolet A (UVA) light, which can permeate through clouds and windows, penetrates more deeply into the skin’s layers, accelerating wrinkle development. This creates a greater need for effective, safe sun protection. Recently, there has been a great deal of scrutiny on UV protection products and their potential negative environmental and health effects, making the formulation of future sun-protection products with safe and innovative ingredients increasingly important.

Sunscreen is among the most universal products sold. According to the 2020 RealSelf Sun Safety Report, 64% of U.S. adults say they always or almost always wear sunscreen if they plan to be outside for an extended period of time. Consumer awareness of the importance of sun protection has significantly increased over the years. For example, the report showed that 43% reapply sunscreen every day or most days they wear it, compared to 28% in the June 2019 report. The dramatic increase in just one year suggests there are abundant opportunities for SPF-boosting ingredients.


A Skincare Solution From the Stars

Bacillus Lysate was derived from a microorganism that first developed UV radiation resistance from prolonged exposure on the exterior of the International Space Station. It’s been proven to have UVA, UVB, High-Energy Visible Light though near-IR/IR absorption properties.

Through a cooperative agreement with government agencies, Delavie’s unique microorganism was developed into a cosmetics ingredient with proven ability to safely absorb and/or block UV radiation in an impressive range compared to similar technologies.

Bacillus Lysate is the first biological-based product certified by The Space Foundation, the leading nonprofit industry association for recognizing companies that support manned and unmanned missions.

In a study on the potential effects of Bacillus Lysate, it was added to a sunscreen containing conventional ingredients. Results showed that the addition of Bacillus Lysate boosted SPF up to 50% and 75%, depending on its concentration in the sunscreen. Further research demonstrates that Bacillus Lysate is a broad-spectrum, UV-absorbing technology that provides a natural alternative to chemicals that may negatively impact human health and the environment.

In addition, Bacillus Lysate has potent antioxidant properties; in testing, it demonstrated 92% inhibition of peroxyl radical formation and 95% inhibition of hydroxyl radical formation.



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