It's Never Too Early - Or Too Late - To Start Using Anti-Aging Products

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When does it make sense to start an anti-aging skincare regimen? When is it too late?

First off, it’s never too early to start fighting the causes of aging. Among the chief culprits are the sun’s damaging UV rays. The American Academy of Dermatologists (AAD) recommends that all adults use a moisturizer and sunscreen—two critical protective anti-aging products—every day.


When to Start? 

As far as starting an anti-aging regimen—one that includes the use of sunscreen and anti-aging labeled moisturizers—the ADD recommends that people generally begin in their 40s and 50s. But in reality, it’s really never too late to start.

Perceived effects of aging can also be triggered during different parts of the life cycle. For example, menopausal women might find wrinkles and lines appearing more quickly. If you find you’re experiencing issues like redness, age spots, dry skin, itching, increased lines and wrinkles, and more, using an anti-aging moisturizer regularly can help alleviate some problems and slow the signs of aging.



It's also worth noting that physical age isn’t always the deciding factor for when to start an anti-aging regimen. People age differently; this is a combination of internal (genetics) and external (environmental, food, etc.) factors. For example, if you have more sun exposure than other people, your skin will likely age faster. Based on your genetic profile, you might start to show signs of aging in your 30s or your 60s. If anyone in your pedigree showed signs of premature aging, you may be subject to it as well. And, once you see those signs take hold (fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, etc.), it might be time to kick off your anti-aging routine.


Lifestyle Changes Can Help

The AAD also recommends a range of lifestyle changes you can make to protect skin for the long term and prevent premature aging:

  • Wear an SPF of at least 30 every day and avoid direct sunlight
  • Don’t use tanning beds or other indoor tanning equipment
  • Stop smoking and reduce your alcohol intake
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly
  • Gently cleanse—not scrub—your skin twice a day
  • Use moisturizer every day
  • Avoid skincare products that sting or burn


It’s never too late to start an anti-aging skincare routine. In fact, no matter what your age, as long as you start a routine, you’re on the best path to keeping your skin healthy and protecting it for a longer life.


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