Transitioning into Spring Skincare

Transitioning into Spring Skincare

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Spring is a time for renewal, and that includes your skin. Emerging from months of alternating between hot, dry indoor air and the harsh cold outside, your skin is ready for warmer weather and a new routine. 

It’s not about creating an entirely new regimen, but rather transitioning to the new season. Your skin needs time to adapt to the warmer weather, so you need a routine that helps you adjust to the increased heat and humidity.


Kick It Off with Exfoliation

When it’s colder, exfoliation can be difficult, especially if you’re already experiencing flaking skin. But as humidity increases, your face is in a better place for it. Removing dead skin offers a brighter complexion and the skincare products you use will be more readily absorbed, making them more effective. Instead of using a harsh, potentially irritating scrub, consider a gentle chemical-based exfoliant. Just be careful not to overdo your exfoliation and end up irritating your skin. You might also consider moving to a lighter—as opposed to a creamy—cleanser with alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids. 


Lighten Up on Moisturizer

During winter’s windy cold, using a heavy moisturizer feels good and helps retain hydration. In warmer weather, a heavier cream can trap oils and dirt in your pores—especially if you’ve been sweating—causing irritation. In general, look for moisturizing products containing hydrating ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, which has become increasingly popular. It’s that hydration that gives your skin a dewy glow. If you have a skin condition, like rosacea or acne, find a moisturizer with calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients, like aloe, cucumber, Vitamin C, and niacin. 



Raise Your SPF Game 

Sunscreen always matters, but you likely don’t use it as much during those shut-in winter months. It’s time to break it back out and use it every day. In addition, the earth is physically closer to the sun during the spring and summer, meaning that UV rays are stronger during the warmer months. Consider increasing your SPF to 50-plus and use products offering broad-spectrum protection. As a bonus, this is part of your routine that can remain unchanged from spring to summer. 


Steer Clear of Heavy Foundations

Heavy foundations can lead to buildup and breakouts, especially during the warmer, more humid months of spring and summer. Using lighter foundation products can help balance out the skin’s extra oil production in warmer months and leave your skin looking healthier. The same can be said for makeup remover. Switching from a cream-based ointment to something lighter, such as micellar water, helps do a better job of removing sweat mixed with makeup, for example, and leaves you feeling more refreshed. 


Effective Hydrating Products: Aeonia

Speaking of hydration—a key part of every skincare routine—Bacillus Lysate, the core ingredient found in the Aeonia Collection, has been clinically proven to increase hyaluronic acid by 238%, which helps the skin retain moisture. Apply the Age Defying Serum to cleansed skin, followed by moisturizer, and our Eye Refresh. Don't forget to use sunscreen and then you’re ready for the day. For extra moisture, apply both Aeonia products in your nighttime routine, as well.

Learn more about the Aeonia collection here.



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